Distal Release System


1. OTW delivery system is not compatible with the endoscope due to the shorter length of the introducer system. OTW is recommended where Ø 18, 20, 24, 26, 28mm stent is required and fluoroscope is used.

2. Deployment procedure

The outer sheath is pulled back by immobilizing the hub in one hand, grasping the Y-connector with the other hand, and gently sliding the Y-connector along the pusher (2nd inner catheter) towards the hub. Retraction of the outer sheath releases the stent ("Pull back" system)

Proximal Release System

Visualization of the proximal tumor margin

Accurate stent positioning

Proximal part is released earlier than its distal part to enable placement with consideration of the proximal tumor margin without fluoroscope Recommended for upper esophageal strictures

Deployment procedure

Once the delivery system is in the correct position for deployment, Unlock the proximal valve of Y-connector, and hold the Y-connector, then push the hub toward tip

Through The Scope(TTS) Delivery System

Easy and Simple Stenting through the scope

Loaded in 10.5Fr delivery system

It allows easy and simple deployment through the scope, and particularly the best solution for very tight and narrow esophageal strictures