Flexible RF Electrode

EUSRA RF Electrode

The electrode for this electro surgical unit is used by connecting with RF lesion generator from STARmed Co., Ltd. which was designed to coagulate tissues. Electrode to combine Instrument channel of the EUS probe and Scope to access body cavity can be coagulate tissues.

The electrode is adjusted by the fixed part of insertion length the screw on handle from 0cm to 8cm units(1cm).

Animal Study

Technically feasible to perform EUS-guided RFA of porcine pancreas
Successful formation of ablated lesion about 23 mm in diameter
No significant complication
Fibrosis and adhesion in 3 pigs
No signs of distress and no abnormal laboratory findings in all pigs


  • CE Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Korea KFDA


ELRA Electrode

ELRA RF electrodes are designed for ablation of billiary obstruction.

Temperature based ablation.

For reducing tissue charring, User can set the ablation termperature value.Temperature control system of ELRA electrode maintains temperature continually.
It prevents tissue adjacent to an active tip from carbonization during the procedure.


  • CE Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Korea KFDA